You’ve been watering your plants wrong – the correct way will make them grow much better

A MASTER gardener has revealed that we’ve been watering our plants all wrong.

So if you want your garden to impress your loved ones this Summer and have plants that just aren’t growing, you’ll need to pay attention.

A gardening whizz has revealed that you’ve been watering your plants all wrong – so if you want your garden to shine this Summer, it’s time you listened upthemediterraneangardener/Tik TokA master gardener has shared his top tips for getting your plants to grow, as he explained when to use each hose nozzlethemediterraneangardener/Tik TokHe said that the cone setting is for delicate wateringthemediterraneangardener/Tik Tok

Michael, a nature lover and gardening whizz explained that not only should you not water your plants from above and you shouldn’t be watering your garden in the middle of the day, but he also claimed that people regularly use hose nozzles incorrectly too. 

Posting on TikTok under the username @themediterraneangardener, Michael claimed how you can make your plants grow better by watering them correctly. 

Sharing his useful tips, he said: “Did you know, there’s a right and a wrong way to water your plants?

“There’s the things you’ve likely been told before like you shouldn’t water your plants from the top but from the base and where possible you should water in the morning or evening. 

“And that’s all true but there’s a few more you might not have heard of.”

Michael then revealed which nozzle is best for which gardening job.

He continued: “You likely have a gun or a spray nozzle that looks like one of these, and they all have different settings, which do different things.

“The cone setting is for delicate watering, the powerful jet for cleaning, the fast fill is for filling buckets and watering cans.

“The fine rose is for gentle watering, flat is for rinsing soap off cars and the fine mist is for seedlings.

“And don’t forget when you’re finished to reel your hose in.

“In hot weather the water in the pipe can get quite warm.” 

Michael’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 282,200 views.

It has 4,208 likes, 61 comments, 518 saves and 95 shares.

Social media users were thankful for Michael’s tips and were eager to express this in the comments.

One person said: “Thank you.” 

Another gardening fan added: “Nice tips.” 

A third gardening enthusiast commented: “Love it.” 

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Michael explained that the fine rose nozzle is good for gentle wateringthemediterraneangardener/Tik TokHe said that the flat nozzle is best for washing carsthemediterraneangardener/Tik TokHe encouraged gardening fans to reel your hose in at the end of the daythemediterraneangardener/Tik Tok