You’re typing on your iPhone WRONG – expert reveals five mind-blowing tricks that will change how you message forever

CHANCES are you spend quite a bit of time typing on your iPhone using apps like WhatsApp.

So it’s no surprise people are looking for ways to message quicker and more efficiently.

@bditechUse two fingers to summon a secret cursor on your iPhone[/caption]

TikToker Faisal – @bditech – has revealed five genius typing tricks that many iPhone owners probably didn’t realise existed.

Summon the iPhone cursor

You might already know that you can tap and hold the space bar to move the cursor around.

But according to Faisal this is clumsy and there’s an even better way to move between your words.

Tap and hold with two fingers – this will allow you to move the cursor with greater precision.

Quick number trick

Usually you have to tap the number button to summon digits on your iPhone keyboard and tap it again to bring back letters.

A much faster way is holding down on it, tapping the number you require with your other hand, then let go when you’re done.

It’ll take you straight back to the letters keyboard, so effectively you’re tapping around a lot less.

Internet shortcuts

Most people type out the full web address in Safari manually with .com, or any other URL ending.

But the app actually has a hidden button which displays all the extensions you need for you, so less typing.

Just press and hold the dot button, and they’ll magically appear.

Smart selection

If you want to select individual words or an entire paragraph, ensure you’re tapping correctly to get what you need.

A double will select a single word.

But triple tap and it’ll select all of the paragraph.

Select more precisely

For those that need to select text more precisely, there’s another way to go about it.

Tap and hold the space bar then tap once on the keyboard.

You can then slide left along the keyboard to work back on text character-by-character.

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