You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the cat tucked away in pile of leaves

YOU could have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot this cat hiding under a pile of leaves.

People were baffled at this impossible brain teaser, posted by ironically named Twitter user @Thereisnocat_.

Twitter/@thereisnocat_Can you spot the cat in this pile of leaves?[/caption]

The cunning feline disguised itself with such talent that social media users wondered if there was really one there at all.

One confused person commented: “There is no cat.”

“This was a good one! Didn’t see it, had to read comments”, posted another.

“It took me two hours it’s no joke”, replied a third.

Someone else admitted: “Oh my god that took me way too long.”

Many replied with failed attempts and left screenshots of the picture with the wrong areas circled in red.

And, most people agreed they had to search the comment section to find answers.

Once the cat had been spotted, a lot of users were amazed at how they’d missed it: “Literally hidden in plain sight.”

“This was hard, then once I saw it, I thought how did I not see that?” agreed a second.

Another image, of a stoney scene, concealed a deadly snake – but it was also nearly impossible to spot.

The venomous juvenile brown snake was pictured making itself a home in a small gap in this set of stairs at Wirra Wirra Vineyards, in McLaren Vale south of Adelaide.

The vineyard called Adelaide Snake Catchers and two days later the little brown snake was removed from the paved stairs.

The reptile catchers posted the shot of the cheeky serpent to their Facebook page, where followers were challenged to find the creature among the leaves and dirt.

And a deadly snake is hidden in this green setting – but you have the eyes of an eagle if you can spot it in five seconds.

One brainteaser, that doesn’t contain any reptiles, shocked social media users when it was posted.

The challenge is to spot one misspelled word within 180 repeated words – and you only have 10 seconds.

Twitter/@thereisnocat_The ginger cat blended in perfectly with the autumn leaves[/caption]