Woman shares the ten names of girls who would start a fight over nothing – has yours made the list?

A WOMAN has listed the ten names of girls who she reckoned were violent – is yours amongst these?

There are thousands of monikers to pick from and some insist your name can reveal a lot about your personality – or what it tells about your parents.

The TikTok user started off the list with Cassie – do you know anyone with this moniker?TikTok/lauriijaedeniseofficialIf there’s a Vicki in your friend group, you better stay in her good booksTikTok/lauriijaedeniseofficial

Now, one woman, TikTok user Laurii Jae Denise (@lauriijaedeniseofficial), has shared the list of those names of girls who you wouldn’t want to mess with.

”British girls’ names that would easily knock you out if you were to even look at them in the wrong way, let alone breathe near them,” she chuckled in the video.

Working in reverse order, Lauri started off the list with Cassie, who was followed by Jade.

The next duo of people you might want to steer clear of were those named Sheridan and Vickie.

Just as violent, she added, was anyone who goes by Kerrie and Vanessa – they’ll be ready for a fight in no time.

According to Laurii, who regularly shares such lists on TikTok, you also don’t want to be messing with anyone named Natalie, Linda and Chloe.

The final moniker – one of the most dangerous of them all – was Lauren.

Describing her thoughts on the names, Laurii said: ”10 very violent women, apparently!”

Since being uploaded on the popular video-sharing platform, the clip has racked up over 760k views in just one day.

More than a thousand flocked to comments to share their observations, with one wondering: ”How is Chantelle not on this list??”

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Another chuckled: ”As a Lauren… you are correct.”

”how is Chelsie not on here,” a third added.

”I was waiting for Becky,” someone else revealed.

Speaking of baby names, 2023 will be all about vintage monikers making a big comeback – has yours made the list?

Chatting to the Mirror, expert Pamela Redmond said: “Names likely to rise on the Top 100 have had an upward trajectory for years and often fit a particular trend — either stylish sounds or a popular style like nature names, for example.”

Pamela’s advice was to look out for is similarities to a tot’s name that’s already proven popular as mums and dads “love an alternative”.

“If they think Eloise is overused, they’ll go with Elodie or Elowen.

”If a name is similar to an already popular name, forward-looking parents have probably already caught on.”

Some of the vintage names making a comeback

Here’s a look at some of the old-fashioned names that Pamela reckons could grow in popularity in the UK:



























In terms of popularity, she added, the top 100 names are all very common, so if you’re after one that’s less frequently heard yet still familiar you should look further down the list around the top 400-700 mark.

And according to her, it’s the monikers around the top 500 that we will most likely be seeing more of in the upcoming years – particularly those that have a shorter nickname feel to them.

“Names like Cosmo, Roscoe, with that ‘oh’ sound on the end have been trending and we’re also seeing the name Arlo become popular on both sides of the pond.

”Cosmo was actually chosen by Scarlett Johansson for her son so it has that movie star kind of thing and is becoming more acceptable.

“In the UK more than the US, nickname names have been trendy for quite a while, like Goldie or Artie or Ozzie.

In the US we see parents opting for more formal names and then giving their child a shorter nickname, but the reverse is happening in the UK which is interesting as it’s sort of the opposite of what you might imagine for a stereotypical British person and the casual American.”