Woman reveals how she was cruelly fat-shamed by her date on their first meeting – but is praised for her epic response

A WOMAN has left people stunned by revealing how she was cruelly fat-shamed by a man on their first date.

Phoebe took to TikTok to share a video of herself in a bar, as she was filmed by her date – who she’d apparently tasked to shoot a clip of her with the London skyline behind her.

TikTok/phoebe.delahallPhoebe was being filmed by her date when she told him to stop as her jumper would make her “look fat”[/caption]

She was stunned by his cruel responseTikTok/phoebe.delahallShe couldn’t hide the shock on her face after the commentTikTok/phoebe.delahall“You’re paying the f**king bill then,” she told himTikTok/phoebe.delahallTikTok/phoebe.delahallBefore she snatched her phone back from him, calling him a “piece of s**t” in the process[/caption]

As she put her coat on, she told him: “Don’t because I’m wearing a baggy jumper so it’s just gonna make me look fat.”

He then replied: “I know, you look fat anyway”.

After freezing for a second – with a look of pure shock on her face – Phoebe told him: “You’re paying the f**king bill then”.

“Yeah I know I am,” he replied.

She then gestured for him to give her the phone, as she said: “Give me now. Piece of s**t.”

“This happened on a first date,” she said in the video.

People in the comments section were quick to slam the man for the cruel remark, with one writing: “What an outrageous comment, might be ok once you know someone for months not on a first date.”

“Hold up, this ain’t staged? Legit first date?” another asked.

With Phoebe replying: “Swear on my life”.

“She’s is not only beautiful and perfect, she held her composure so well,” someone else praised.

As Phoebe responded: “Thank you very much I appreciate it”.

“It’s never okay to say that, not on a first date, not in a relationship and NOT IN A THOUSAND YEARS,” another comment read.

“What the hell is wrong with people?” someone else insisted.

“You look great, I hope you don’t let that keep you down.”

“I feel like those comment and little ‘jokes’ would knock away at your self confidence over time!” another wrote.

“Good job it was a first date. You look amazing.”

“Ruthless,” someone else slammed.

With Phoebe replying: “Zero filter on the lad”.