Who was Tommy Harris in Coronation Street and what happened to him?

MANY Weatherfield residents met a tragic demise before being forgotten.

Coronation Street character Tommy Harris rocked up the cobbles with his troubled family past before meeting his maker.

Granada TelevisionTommy and his family first moved into Coronation Street in 2002[/caption]

Who was Tommy Harris in Coronation Street?

Originally from Sheffield, Tommy opted for a change of scenery with his wife Angela and their children, Craig and Katy, by settling into Coronation Street in 2002.

Upon their arrival, he was hired as a mechanic at Websters’ Auto Centre, where he befriended Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell).

Little did fellow residents know that Tommy and his family had taken on the name Harris and moved to Weatherfield as part of the witness protection scheme.

After five months, their cover was blown and they were revealed as the Nelson family.

Tommy was even shot in the arm as he defended his daughter Katy from the Morgan brothers, gangsters who came after them when Angela help put their sibling Tom behind bars for murder.

The Morgan brothers were arrested following an explosive showdown at No.6 and the Nelsons were finally free to live in Coronation Street under their real name.

But, ironically, the threat to Tommy’s life came from within his own home.

Tommy was stunned when his daughter Katy became romantically involved with Martin Platt, a 35-year-old nurse.

After decrying Martin a pervert for falling for his teen daughter, Tommy refused to have anything more to do with her until she broke off the relationship.

This caused a rift with Angela which then led Tommy’s son Craig to tamper with the brakes on Martin’s car, nearly killing him and Katy.

In 2005, however, Tommy found a way to break Martin and Katy up by spreading false rumours that Martin was having an affair with Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor).

Devastated, Katy aborted her and Martin’s child before finding out the truth, which caused her to discarded by the nurse.

Tommy gloated over what he had done, enraging Katy.

Blinded by her anger, Katy hit her own father over the head with a wrench, killing him instantly.

Angela eventually took the blame for the murder, accepting her fate in prison but Katy was unable to cope with her own actions and ended her own life shortly after.

This left a young Craig to fend for himself until he was taken in by his maternal grandfather Keith Appleyard at No.6.


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Who played Tommy Harris in Coronation Street?

During his three-year stint in the Manchester-based drama, Tommy Harris was portrayed by Sheffield star Thomas Craig.

Thomas initially had plans of a career as a plumber until he dabbled into acting in the 1980’s.

The soap actor has several TV credits to his names, including an appearance in BBC One rival show EastEnders in 1992, where he portrayed Mandy Salter’s mother’s boyfriend.

He was also seen in multiple episodes of The Bill, Casualty, Holby City and Doctors.

Since his exit from Corrie, Thomas went back to medical dramas Casualty and Doctors for some brief appearances but he most notably got the main role in the Murdoch Mysteries.

Thomas appeared in several other programs including The Listener, Hidden, Captain Canuck and Hudson & Rex.

Meanwhile, Coronation Street continues to air every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

Tommy was killed by his own daughter KatyRex Features