We’re bulk buy experts & swear by using washing up liquid for EVERYTHING around the house – even squeaky hinges

WHEN it comes to cleaning, most of us have different products for different jobs around the house.

But, according to the bulk buy experts over at Bother, there’s one product you can rely on to do everything – washing up liquid.

Washing up liquid can be used for all sorts of things around the home, including cleaning the floorTikTok/botherTikTok/botherYou can also use it on your windows to get them sparkling clean again[/caption]

As well as blending up to a foam in your blender to get it cleanTikTok/botherMix some with water and put your jewellery in it to get it cleanTikTok/bother

They shared a TikTok video sharing eight uses for the liquid around the home, kicking off with using it as a floor cleaner.

They squeezed some into the top part of their mop, before adding some water and then squirting the liquid out onto the floor.

It can be similarly used a surface cleaner, or to get your windows sparkling again.

If you’ve got a blender, you can use washing up liquid to get it clean again – just add some along with some water in the plastic part of the blender, before switching it on.

Once it’s all bubbled up, wash it all off with clean water.

Next, and perhaps a suggestion you might not have heard of before – they say it’s a brilliant way to sort out squeaky hinges.

Simply apply it to the hinge straight, and rub it in, before opening and closing the door to see if it’s got rid of the noise.

Run a sink of water and washing up liquid in which to clean your hair combs, or use it to clean jewellery.

Lastly, it also makes a brilliant stain remover – just mix some with water and leave the stained item to soak for a bit before putting in the washing machine.

“Looking for ways to make what you have in your home stretch?” they captioned the video.

“Well then you’ll love this video!

“If you’ve ever wondered what you could do with a tub of washing up liquid, then this one is just for you!”

“Brings the kitchen sink up lovely,” one person commented on the video.

As another added: “I use it as a floor cleaner as I have a dog and know it wouldn’t harm him.”

“I can’t believe it,” a third added.

“I just tried this on my partner’s squeaky room door and it actually worked.”

“I use it for everything!” someone else said.

“Also great for shower screens and bathrooms,” another wrote.

“I keep a dish wand full in the shower. Bathroom is always sparkling.”

Mixed with water, it also makes a great pre-soak for stain removalTikTok/bother