We flew to Lithuania for his & hers gastric bypass surgery because we were miserable being fat – we’ve lost 291lbs

A COUPLE who had his and hers gastric bypass surgery has told how they’ve lost a whopping 291lbs in just one year.

Dean Corner shared a series of photos of him and his wife before they underwent their weight loss surgery abroad.

Dean Corner and his wife before their gastric bypass surgeryTiktok – @bear.to.vikingThe couple has lost a combined total of 291lbs in just one yearTiktok – @bear.to.viking

“This was myself and my wife before our gastric bypass last year,” he says, in a post shared to TikTok (@bear.to.viking).

“I weighed 28st and my wife weighed 22st, life was becoming a real struggle and we were becoming miserable.”

He then goes on to show what the pair look like now after flying to Lithuania to undergo the procedure.

And it’s fair to say they look almost unrecognisable.

“Fast forward a year to March 2023 and we have lost a combined 291lbs or 20.7st,” Dean enthuses.

“I’m so proud of how far we have come.

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“We are no longer just existing.

“We are living our best lives.”

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 66,000 views and endless comments – with everyone commending the couple on how incredible they look.

“You both look amazing, well done!” congratulated one

A second penned: “Looking fab both well done.”

A third enthused: “Wow so proud man thumbs up to you both.”

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: “Wow you both look fabulous.”

Another messaged: “Wow, what a great thing to do together, you both look amazing.

And both looking much younger! Great job!”

And a further added: “Well done you both – glad you’re happier now!”