Watch shocking moment falling tree topples onto road missing passing car by INCHES as bumbling workmen flee

THIS is the shocking moment a falling tree missed a car by inches after bumbling workmen brought it toppling onto the road.

Stunned residents in Crewe, Cheshire, looked on as two tree surgeons cutting down the huge tree made it fall the wrong way, nearly flattening a passing car.

Tiktok/@mappgasBumbling workers brought a 70ft tree down on a passing car, missing it by inches[/caption]

Tiktok/@mappgasThe workmen fled as the tree toppled onto the pavement[/caption]

Traffic ground to a sudden halt as the clueless workers fled, with fuming motorists accosting them.

The 70ft tree fell only metres from a local house which it had previously overlooked.

In a video posted to TikTok, one local can be heard saying: “F***ing hell, it’s going the wrong way!”

After the tree fell inches away from the passing car, brushing its boot, the resident added: “How have they got away with that?”

Confronted by a furious driver, one of the sheepish workmen appeared to say: “Sorry, there were no cables.”

Locals were astonished by the shocking footage.

Harper said: “The person in that car needs to go and buy a £5 scratch card immediately.”

Fionn said: “This actually proves they’re pros. Timed the drop between two cars to perfection.”

Dean said: “What a plonker, Rodney.”

Another local said: “This was so irresponsible. There could have been birds nesting in that tree.”

It comes after the Sun revealed that bumbling council workmen in Yorkshire built a cycle lane with two lampposts bizarrely obstructing the bike lane in both directions.

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Tiktok/@mappgasA local house was nearly wiped out by the falling tree[/caption]

Tiktok/@mappgasThe workmen appeared as surprised as anyone by the falling tree[/caption]

Tiktok/@mappgasThe bumbling workmen sent the tree falling the wrong way[/caption]