Top 50 ‘most attractive nationalities’ revealed as AI shows what it thinks ‘most beautiful’ from each country look like

THE top 50 “most attractive” nationalities in the world have been revealed by data-crunching boffins.

Thousands of Reddit posts about the good looks of different citizens around the globe were analysed to produce the ratings.

Pour MoiIndia came out on top of Pour Moi’s analysis, with AI showing what it thinks an attractive Indian man and woman would look like[/caption]

Pour MoiWhat AI think a good-looking American man and woman look like[/caption]

Pour MoiAn attractive Swedish man and woman, according to AI[/caption]

According to a study by swimwear brand Pour Moi, India holds the number one spot.

Coming in second is USA, followed by Sweden, Japan, Canada and Brazil.

But the UK fails to rank in the top 10, coming in at number 12.

To crunch the numbers, analysts at Pour Moi surveyed any posts that mentioned the words “attractive”, “sexy”, “beautiful”, “handsome”, “gorgeous”, “good looking”, “pretty” and “hot”.

The country mentioned was also analysed – and a score was created from the number of posts, comments and upvotes. 

A spokesman for Pour Moi said: “We analysed Reddit data, scraping the number of posts and upvotes that spoke about attractive nations, to reveal which nationalities the world is most attracted to.  

“To bring the findings to life, we used AI technology to discover what these attractive nations might look like.

“We asked AI to show us what ‘attractive’ looks like in each of these countries, and you can find the results within the data research below.”

Pour Moi also ranked the most attractive women and men by nationality, according to Reddit data.

A spokesman said: “Analysing the data by male and female, it’s Indian women that top the tables of the most attractive, followed by Japanese and Swedish women.

“When just looking at the male data, it’s British men that come out top as the most attractive. Followed once again by India, Italy and the USA and Sweden rounding out the top five.”

Top 50 ‘most attractive nationalities’

1) India 2,628 Reddit posts & upvotes
2) USA 1,936
3) Sweden 1,899
4) Japan 1,468
5) Canada 1,312
6) Brazil
7) France
8) Italy
9) Ukraine 958
10) Denmark 926
11) Poland 919
12) UK 773
13) Germany 721
14) Spain 594
15) Mexico 587
16) China 574
17) Ireland 490
18) Israel 482
19) Netherlands 443
20) Colombia 443
21) Norway 419
22) Turkey 416
23) Australia 405
24) New Zealand 390
25) Lebanon 340
26) Romania 330
27) Pakistan 324
28) Czech Republic 285
29) Finland 259
30) Greece 255
31) Venezuela 250
32) Ethiopia 245
33) Philippines 234
34) Thailand 197
35) Portugal 171
36) Vietnam 168
37) Iceland 166
38) Hungary 162
39) Somalia 156
40) Armenia 150
41) Belgium 147
42) Croatia 143
43) Saudi Arabia 125
44) Egypt 117
45) Chile 116
46) Cuba 92
47) Albania 89
48) Latvia 74
49) Indonesia 73
50) Switzerland 69

Pour MoiWhat AI thinks a good-looking Japanese man and woman look like[/caption]

Pour MoiAn attractive Canadian man and woman, according to AI[/caption]