TikTokers slam viral AI filter Bold Glamour as ‘toxic’ – and terrified users issue serious ‘life warning’

TIKTOK’S new viral filter Bold Glamour has been branded ‘humbling’, ‘toxic’ and ‘dangerous’, for its ability to give users a whole new face.

The latest TikTok sensation uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make users look more ‘attractive’.

TikTok / @blendingpassionAn increasing number of psychologists have warned that hyper-realistic filters like Bold Glamour will inevitable harm a person’s self-perception[/caption]

But many are speaking out against the filter, which uses cutting edge technology to blend people’s faces with an AI-generated supermodel.

They say the filter is encouraging a new league of unrealistic beauty standards – and could usher in a tidal wave of catfishing schemes.

Users have an ‘idealised’ version of themselves reflected back at them, which can often leave people feeling deflated.

It gives users full lips, sharp cheekbones, chislled chins, fluffy eyebrows and incredibly smooth and pore-less skin.

Unlike other filters that don’t use AI, users can move their hand across their face without the effect slipping – making it look all the more real.

Face filters and effects have been a big draw for the likes of TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat over the years.

But effects like Bold Glamour are supercharged and use recent leaps in AI technology to fuel yet another body image crisis.

The filter, which was quietly rolled out last month, has quickly gained internet fame for how well it masks people’s human imperfections.

Bold Glamour has been used in more than 15million TikTok videos since its release a month ago.

An increasing number of psychologists and cosmetic surgeons have warned that hyper-realistic filters like Bold Glamour will inevitably harm a person’s self-perception.

“The younger generation are growing up now and they think this is normal, they’re going to try and do a lot more surgeries and a lot more procedures just to be able to try and fit in,” Dr. Asalet, a cosmetic doctor, cautioned.

“See this as a public health announcement, this is something we need to try and change.

“When you show up on social media don’t feel like you need to use a filter.”  

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