Terrifying shark feeding frenzy as fisherman surrounded by hundreds of feasting beasts… but there’s a simple explanation

THIS is the shocking moment hundreds of hungry sharks swarmed around a boat.

Incredible footage shows the beasts frantically thrashing around the vessel off the coast of Venice, Louisiana, as stunned fishermen watch on.

Dillon May via StoryfulFootage shows hundreds of sharks swarming around the boat[/caption]

Dillon May via StoryfulThe hungry sharks were after a menhaden pod[/caption]

Dillion May and his girlfriend Kaitlyn Dix were on the hunt for yellowfin tuna when suddenly their boat became surrounded by sharks.

The fisherman thought at first the chaotic scenes was a tuna boil – a feeding frenzy that makes the water look like it’s boiling.

Thinking he could snare a few fish easily, May drove the boat towards the commotion.

He was shocked to find dozens of sharks chasing a large menhaden pod so vigorously water splashed onto the boat.

May told Storyful: ” Then we saw it was sharks on a bait pod, never seen anything like it.

“No shrimp boats were in sight either.

“By the time we got there, the sharks had found the pod and pushed them up against the boat to feast on them.”

Footage shows countless grey fins thrashing about in the water as the frenzied sharks feast around the boat.

It comes after footage was shared showing the moment a dog leapt into the sea to attack a 12ft shark.

Horrified British tourists on a boat trip in the Bahamas can be heard screaming in the clip as the fearless hound chases the beast.

Footage captured by a holidaymaker sailing past a private island shows the dog clambering off a wooden platform and onto a rock before jumping into the water above a huge shark.

Shocked tourists from the UK and US can be heard yelling at the canine, begging it to get back out.

But their pleas fell on deaf ears as the brave pooch continues to splash about in the water, chasing the shark lurking below.

As the pair thrash about in the water, the dog appears to come out on top as the defeated shark swims away – much to the relief of tourists watching on from the boat.

Meanwhile, another clip showed a massive shark stalk a group of unsuspecting swimmers at a busy beach.

Footage showed the frightening silhouette inching towards the oblivious swimmers just metres away from where they were located in Dongara, Western Australia.

Dillon May via StoryfulFootage shows the sharks thrashing about frantically in the water[/caption]