Terrifying moment thugs brawl in the street with poles – with man left unconscious on ground

SHOCKING footage shows the moment thugs brawl on the street with poles as a man is left unconscious on the ground.

The terrifying scenes were caught on camera as a large group of men came to blows in broad daylight.

Groups of yobs were seen brawling in the middle of a road in broad daylightSome thugs used objects to strike others with one even wielding a pole as a weaponOne man is seen knocked out unconscious in the brawl

It is unclear as to what caused the chaos to kick-off in the first place.

But footage filmed from inside a car shows a number of men duking it out as traffic is brought to a standstill.

Groups of thugs can be seen grappling and launching blows at each other.

And more and more people can be seen rushing to the scene as a full-on brawl explodes.

One man appears to be knocked unconscious by a blow to the head near the start of the shocking footage.

While he is lying on the floor “knocked out” another man appears to kick him in the head before holding his hands up as if it was an accident.

Some thugs were even using objects as make-shift weapons to strike with and one yob seems to be wielding a pole to hit others.

Screaming and shouting can be heard in the background as bottles, hats and debris litter the street.

And shocked bystanders can be seen watching on or trying to escape the area as the men continue to brawl.

Others can be seen rolling on the road and the pavement scrapping with each other.

Near the end of the video, the unconscious man is still lying prone on the floor with his hood up as the fight continues to rage on around him.

Those who appear to know the parties involved appear to try and stop the chaos and can be heard saying “please” and “stop” in the footage.

Local reports claim that the incident took place on Tickhill Street in Bradford.

West Yorkshire Police have been contacted for comment.

It comes after shocking scenes last month saw football hooligans unleash chaos in a massive street brawl.

The violent footage was captured on camera near a pub in the country’s capital.

Meanwhile, a nasty fight broke out in a trendy rooftop bar just a few weeks ago.

The ugly scenes saw a plant pot being launched another man’s head while others threw punches.