Spencer Matthews fans break down in tears as Finding Michael documentary finally hits Disney+ after string of delays

SPENCER Matthews’ long-awaited Disney+ documentary has finally made its long-awaited debut after being hit by a string of delays – and fans have been left in tears at the heartbreaking result.

Spencer’s Finding Michael failed to air on its scheduled premiere date, last Friday but it has now been released much to the the delight of his fans.

PASpencer Matthews’ long-awaited documentary has left fans in tears[/caption]

Disney+The emotional documentary received a positive response from fans[/caption]

At the time, the former Made in Chelsea star addressed the missing documentary with a statement on Instagram.

He said: “Apologies to everyone trying to view Finding Michael on Disney+.

“The debut date has shifted and we’ll update you as soon as we have the new timings.”

However, the film has now premiered after a series of re-edits were made over sensitivity concerns.

The end product has left fans in floods of tears as Spencer embarked on the epic mission to try and find his brother’s body on Mount Everest.

Having reached the summit 24 years ago, Michael died just hours later on the mountain and now Spencer has been determined to find his body and his final resting place in the deeply personal documentary.

Taking to Twitter to comment on the heartwrenching doc, one fan said: “An emotional roller coaster ride #FindingMichael. It’s heartbreaking to see so many dead bodies lying around in Everest and their families can never bring them down and do proper rituals.”

Another added: “WOW, what an incredible and emotional piece of film finding Michael is.”

Whilst a third penned: “Incredibly emotional watch.”

As a fourth was left in floods of tears at the footage, writing: “Just finished #FindingMichael on @DisneyPlusUK. I’m in tears. I was genuinely hopeful they could find him. Gut wrenching to watch.

“@SpencerMatthews take a bow. You may not have found Mike’s body, but you brought closure to another grieving family.”

They added: “Everest you’re a cruel mistress.”

The premiere of the show comes after fans were left furious as they took to Twitter to question the programme’s disappearance.

One wrote: “Why can’t I watch #FindingMichael on@DisneyPlus ? Thought it was released yesterday???”

Another posted: “Looks like @DisneyPlusRP lost the documentary you were supposed to release this Friday.”

Spencer learned of his brother’s passing at 10 years old but during a candid chat on This Morning on Friday, the show’s scheduled release day, Spencer admitted that he believes he was at the best possible age to be at to discover the news.

The emotional star said:  “If if there is anything to be grateful for it is that I was that age – I was not hit by it in the same way that it hit the rest of my family.”

He added of the moment his parents told him: “They said Michael has been lost on the mountain, for me, I was like ‘let me know when you find him’.

“I didn’t process the fact that meant it was more than likely that he was dead.”

PAThe show finally aired on Disney+ after a series of delays[/caption]