Shoppers are scrolling faster than ever to bag the ultimate dupe to Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS T-shirt for just £3

A FASHIONISTA believes she has found the ultimate SKIMS dupe for £3. 

Natalie Holland picked up tops from Boohoo that were dead ringers for the SKIMS Fits Everybody T-Shirts. 

Influencer Natalie Holland found the ultimate SKIMS dupe for £3princxss_nj/TikTokThe Boohoo slinky tees are a dupe for the SKIMS Fits Everybody T-shirtprincxss_nj/TikTok

Kim Kardashian retails the slinky and double-lined tees for £48.

But Boohoo is flogging dupes for as cheap as £3, according to Natalie.

The 24-year-old influencer took to Tik Tok to show off her finds and joked that she was “going to order them in every colour”.

First trying on a white tee, Natalie penned: “Starting off with white, a wardrobe staple.

“The fit of this is everything.

“Double lined so not see through!”

She continued: “Of course I had to get it in black too.

“All black fits will forever be my favourite.

“Boohoo came through with the quality.”

According to Natalie, a hot pink version of the T-shirt cost her just £3 in the Boohoo sale.

It was a dupe for the SKIMS limited edition Fuchsia colour in its Fits Everybody collection.

A blurb on Kim Kardashian’s luxury lounge wear website reads: “The essential everyday fitted T-shirt.

“With a crew neck fit and buttery soft feel, this body-hugging tee is perfect to wear alone or layered under other pieces.”

Boohoo describes its dupes as “ideal for summer”.

The fast fashion retailer penned: “Typically short-sleeved and casual, T-shirts are lightweight, relaxing and comfortable and go with everything. 

“Ideal for summer due to their breathable material, we also love T-shirts for layering so we’re wearing them all year round.”

People flocked to the comments of Natalie’s video to get more details on the SKIMS dupes. 

A number of the T-shirts have since sold out, but similar styles in the same double-lined slinky material are available on the Boohoo website still. 

One viewer asked: “Can I ask does the pink top colour run in the wash?”

Natalie comically replied: “Honestly no idea, my mum does my washing.

“It had been washed before this Tik Tok though and the colour was the same, so I guess it didn’t.”