Saturday Night Takeaway viewers in tears during emotional moment between Ant McPartlin and two guests

ITV viewers were brought to tears from an emotional moment in last night’s edition of Saturday Night Takeaway.

Ant McPartlin, 47, gave away more places on the plane to the special finale episode.

ITVViewers were impressed by the antics of Ant McPatlin in last night’s episode of Saturday Night Takeaway[/caption]

The presenter was in the audience giving away places on the plane to the special finale episodeRex

But fans of the long running ITV prime time show were left crying during the latest instalment of the Happiest Moment Of The Week segment.

Ant, who presents the show with Declan Donnelly, 47, appeared in the audience with a huge golden ticket when he went to find the lucky winners.

On Saturday Night Takeaway, he exclaimed: “Hi guys! Tony and Tosin were both born deaf. 

“They were fitted with cochlear implants at the age of two but they were determined to help others in the same situation. 

“They’ve been fundraising since they were just four years old and so far they’ve raised an incredible £25.000 to help other deaf children across the world. We think you’re incredible…’

But as he made the big announcement the presenter made a sign language gesture to the two winning lads.

He added: “And you’ve got a place on the plane!”

Viewers took to social media in their droves to express their surprise at the heart-warming moment.

One viewer wrote: “Love that @antanddec learnt a bit of sign language to say they got a place on the plane!”

A second commented: “This actually made me Love you @antanddec.”

Meanwhile, another fan said: “Trying not to cry over the fact Ant learnt the sign language for “you’ve got a place on the plane” for those wonderful children .”

A fourth noted: “Ant doing sign language has me in tears. Oh lord.”

Whilst a fifth exclaimed: “SaturdayNightTakeaway trying to make me cry with ant doing sign language with the place on the plane .”

And a sixth wrote: “The live sign language interpreter during the happiest minute of the week was a great touch.”

ITVAudience members Tony and Tosin were the lucky winners of the anticipated prize[/caption]

ITVThe competition winners were born deaf and need the assistance of an interpreter who was on hand[/caption]

Fans of the show were left crying by the touching moment as Ant performed a gesture of sign language toi the winners