Ring Alarm removes free perks for millions of users – you’ll have pay to get them back

NEW owners of the security system will need to pay extra to access all of its features.

From March 29th onwards, new owners of a Ring Alarm system from Amazon will need to pay extra to access basic features.

New users will need to be on a Ring Protect plan to access the newly paywalled featuresring

So far, the features have been available for all users at no extra cost, but you’ll need to be on a Ring Protect plan to access the newly paywalled features, according to an update on its website.

Which features will require a paywall?

Home and Away Modes will no longer be free. Modes allow owners for a Ring video doorbell or camera to activate camera detection once they leave their home, and disable it when they return.

The plan will also be necessary to activate and deactivate the system from the app, control it with their voice via Alexa, or receive on-app notifications.

Lastly, if you want to access your alarm’s event history from the past 60 days – without, you’re limited to 24 hours.

The changes don’t apply to existing Ring Alarm users, however.

And those who purchase the system before March 29th but don’t activate it until on or after that day will still have free access “for the expected life of the device.”

So, how much will it cost?

To access the soon-to-be paywalled features, new users will need to pay for a Basic Ring Protect plan, which costs $3.99/£3.49 a month, or $39.99/£34.99 a year.

Without the subscription, will it be useful?

Without the Ring Protect plan, the purpose of the system is called into question.

This is because can only turn the alarm on and off manually via the keypad.

Plus, you won’t receive alerts or emails on the app when your alarm is triggered – you’ll have to rely exclusively on the siren in the base station.

So, if you’re on vacation and it goes off, you won’t be immediately informed.

And if it is accidentally set off by your neighbor’s dog, you can’t disarm it remotely; they’ll have to suffer the siren until you’re back to disarm it.