Peter Kay forced to stop gig as audience member is rushed to hospital in an ambulance

PETER Kay was forced to call an ambulance on stage for a member of the audience last night.

The comedian was alerted to a medical emergency by people sitting on the front row of his gig in Newcastle’s Utilita Arena.

GettyComedian Peter Kay. pictured here in 2005 was forced to step in and help a fan last night[/caption]

The Phoenix Nights legend, who is touring for the first time in 12 years, raced off the stage to get help.

Minutes later a member of the audience was escorted out of the arena in a wheelchair.

One audience member told The Sun: “People near the front started shouting for an ambulance.

Peter asked if they were being serious, then he asked for the big lights to go on and stewards ran over to see what was going on.

“He then went off stage for around 10/15 mins and one person was seen getting wheelchaired out.”

The comedy pro returned to his set after making sure the fan was being taken off.

“Peter came back on and continued the show but said something like ‘three went down then’ and he said he hoped they were OK,” they added.

The star is in the middle of his 110 live show run in locations including BirminghamLiverpool and Dublin, that will end in August 2023 at the Sheffield Utilita Arena.

He has just announced a new project – a brand new book, which is his first memoir in fourteen years.

Peter announced the exciting news on social media, writing: “Introducing… T.V. Big Adventures on the Small Screen,” and invited fans to pre-order.

He shared a look at the cover, which sees a red front and a photo of Peter in the middle.