People have only just realized there’s a secret symbol in the Toblerone bar – after a new update means its all change

PEOPLE have only just discovered that there’s a secret animal hiding in the logo of a Toblerone bar – just as the iconic design looks set to change.

Toblerone is to get rid of its iconic packaging, causing concern among fans that a recently-discovered “secret bear” will disappear along with it.

Getty Images – GettyThe iconic packaging is changing due to Swiss rules[/caption]

Toblerone is reportedly expected to change its packaging as production moves from Switzerland to Slovakia.

The current packaging shows the iconic Matterhorn peak, a Swiss national symbol – alongside what some believe is a hidden image of a bear.

However, this may now change due to strict rules on “Swissness.”

Since 2017, the Swissness Act dictates that national symbols are not allowed to be used in order to promote milk-based products that are not made within the country.

The Matterhorn, a 4,478m Alpine peak, will be replaced with a more generic summit, the company has said.

Fans are concerned that the packaging’s secret symbol will disappear alongside the Swiss peak.

In November 2022, a 10-year-old boy discovered the secret bear drawn into the snowy scene, leaving fans stunned.

Mum Stephanie said her son was enjoying his first classic honey and almond nougat Toblerone and immediately asked her: “What’s the bear for?”

She said: “What bear?”

Posting the interaction online, she said: “I was today years old when I found out there’s a bear in the Toblerone logo.”

It wasn’t long before thousands interacted with her post, saying they were baffled that they had never noticed that bear before either.

Reacting to the news that Toblerone will be forced to rid its packaging, one Twitter user said: “Toblerone to ditch Matterhorn mountain on the packaging.

“It’s not a big deal, but I’ll definitely miss finding the hidden bear in the white space!”

Another asked: “But is the bear staying, @Toblerone?”

Originally created in Bern, Switzerland, the iconic chocolate has been on sale for hungry chocolate lovers since 1908.