Paul Vaughan reveals the inspiration behind his Warrington form – his ‘rock’

PAUL Vaughan is ready to rock for Warrington once again as he honours his rock, his 99-year-old grandmother.

For the prop admits he found it difficult to say goodbye to Marina when he moved from Australia.

Paul Vaughan has revealed the inspiration behind his Warrington form – his grandmotherSWPIX.COM

Life could not be going better for the Italy international. He has starred in the Wolves’ two wins from two Super League games and has settled into the Cheshire town.

But he revealed the inspiration behind his performances, the woman who spent a month on a boat to reach Australia after World War II.

“She’s the reason I play for Italy and I speak to her when I can,” said Vaughan about his Naples-born relative.

“She went over on a boat, a fair story in itself, and has been in Canberra ever since.

“And she’s unreal, she’ll hop on the bus, go into town and do some shopping. She’s a really strong lady – she’s the rock of our family.

“I’ve just written her a letter with photos with photos of the family detailing what we’ve been doing – she probably can’t read my writing though!

“It was really hard saying goodbye to her when I left in November as she turns 100 this year and I didn’t know if I was going to see her again.

“And I want to take my two kids to Italy and that will be special for her to see – doing that is on my bucket list. I’d love to get to Naples.”

Despite the great start, Vaughan – who has played lung-busting long stints in Daryl Powell’s pack so far – admits life in England and Super League has been an eye opener.

The cold weather was not an issue as it gets pretty parky in Canberra but the long nights and quality of Super League were unexpected.

The 31-year-old added as he prepares to take on Salford and former team-mate Tim Lafai: “The first thing that shocked us was it getting dark at about 3.30pm around Christmas.

Vaughan has been superb for Warrington so farSWPIX.COM

“But we’ve got lovely neighbours, which makes things easier, and my wife and I have found a nice café, so that’s where we’re spending most of our time.

“I’m a coffee snob. As soon as I find a nice one I’m pretty loyal and I’m in the cafes almost every morning.

“On the pitch, I didn’t really know what to expect but it’s definitely surprised me, it’s a strong competition. I’ve been pulling up pretty sore.

“But I don’t mind playing longer minutes, as long as they’re quality and I’m not dragging my backside around.

Vaughan insists he doesn’t mind playing long stints, as long as he’s playing wellSWPIX.COM

“Tonight will be a big test and it’s good to see Tim going so well. He’s always been a class player. We want to continue our start, though, and hopefully we can do something special.”

While Vaughan leads the charge, England half back George Williams provides the ammunition as they bounce back from 2022’s 11th-placed embarrassment.

And Salford boss Paul Rowley believes those poor results were not down to him.

He said: “George got a lot of stick last year but when I saw Warrington games, I thought it was the people around him who were letting him down.”