Nightmare zoo that housed lonely ape and limping rhino ordered to close by authorities in Puerto Rico

A ZOO that housed a lonely ape and limping rhino has been ordered to close by authorities.

Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo, in Puerto Rico, has officially shut its doors after years of suspected animal neglect.

The zoo has closed its doors after years of suspected animal neglectAPConcerns have been raised over animal welfare for years[/caption]

The country’s government demanded the closure on Tuesday.

They have also announced federal authorities will be investigating the treatment of animals at the park.

The zoo is currently home to around 300 different animals including a kangaroo which has no shelter.

Based in the costal town of Mayaguez, Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo has been closed since hurricanes battered the island in 2017.

The 45-acre facility has been described as “dilapidated” ever since.

However, animals remained in the confines, raising concerns over their welfare.

Governor Pedro Pierluisi said: “Animal welfare comes first.

“Questions have been raised for a long time.”

Experts were due to visit back in 2017 – but this didn’t take place until Sunday, says The Wild Animal Sanctuary executive director Pat Craig.

He said: “The zoo definitely has been degraded.

“You can imagine the facilities were overgrown and dilapidated to some degree.”

He also raised concerns over the zoo’s lone chimpanzee as the species need socialisation.

The US Department of Agriculture cancelled the zoo’s licence back in 2018 after multiple violations.

Officials have seen malnourished tigers and distressed cougars living in cramped spaces.