My gran died in a mouldy dump and I was given just £520 from her landlord – all they did was paint over black patches

A MAN has said he was given £520 from his gran’s landlord after she passed away because of mouldy in her flat.

Pamela Brown, 95, sadly died after her one-bed rented home, in Warwickshire, became infested with mould.

MirrorpixMichael Poole raised concerns over the mould in his gran’s flat[/caption]

Michael Poole, 41, raised the problem to her housing association Orbit – but five months later Pamela was dead.

Devastated Michael claims a leak from the flat above back in September 2021 meant there was serious water damage in his gran’s bathroom.

He said black mould then took over.

Michael said: “You felt like you were walking into a jungle it was that wet. You could clearly see the ceiling coming down.

“You could see the stress that the support bars were under.

“You could see them coming down.

“At the beginning of October, Orbit said it would take a week and I said this was a risk to life.”

According to the Mirror, Michael received a letter from Orbit apologising for the delays when fixing the issue, along with £520 in compensation.

Michael said someone did come round to look at the problem – but two days later the bathroom cabinet fell off the wall.

This meant all electrics in the bathroom were cut off.

Michael added: “I called Orbit again and kept getting told ‘to leave it with me’.”

He claims all the housing association did was then “paint the damp patches” instead of doing an investigation.

Pamela was in “remarkable health” for her age but was soon suffering from multiple infections after mould started setting in.

Michael added: “Since the damp started she was in and out of the hospital with infections and she wasn’t able to fight it off.”

Pamela was discharged from hospital on January 20 and died on January 22.

A spokesman for Orbit said: “We are saddened by the death of Mrs Brown and extend our sincere condolences to her family.

“In mid-September 2021 we were notified that water had seeped into Mrs Brown’s bathroom as a result of a leak from the property above.

“Once we had completed the repairs, the bathroom was fully redecorated in December 2021.

“Whilst we acknowledge that this took longer than we’d have liked and have previously offered Mr Poole compensation for the frustration caused, we have been provided with no evidence that the water ingress in Mrs Brown’s home was in any way a contributing factor to her death.

“After repeated requests to Mr Poole for the provision of Mrs Brown’s death certificate, once this was provided all outstanding charges allocated to the property’s rent account were reversed and Mrs Brown’s account was closed.

“Mr Poole has not been required to make any payments to us.”