My body is ‘slim thick with a cute butt’ from the side, it looks ‘flat’ from the front although some disagree

EVERYONE knows where their most photogenic side is for photos.

Some even have favorite body parts or sides of their face.

Tatyana, a lifestyle content creator, is confused about why her butt disappears from the frontTikTok/ tatyanamarscha

Tatyana Marscha (@tatyanamarscha), a 26-year-old based in Houston, loves how her body looks from the front but not so much from her side angle.

“Why does my body look like, slim thick cute a** from the side and then look like this from the front?” an audio asked.

She posed as she showed off her backside in blue jeans from a side angle, but then frowned when she turned head-on, facing the camera.

She was confused as to why you couldn’t see any sign of her backside from the front.

People tried to reassure her that this was a common occurrence.

“Girl it’s there it just don’t got the cuff,” said one commenter.

“What’s the cuff?” asked another.

“When it like, hangs over,” explained a kind viewer.

Others offered her some advice.

“Girl squats and leg lifts, in a month, will look totally different,” advised one commenter. “I’m doing this now, it’s working.”

Others disagreed and thought she looked fine as she was.

“Looks good to me sis,” complimented one viewer.

“You look good though sis,” agreed another.

She showed off her profile from the side but people said she looked good either wayTikTok/ tatyanamarscha