My babies are so massive people think I’m using a filter – they really are that big

A MUM has revealed she’s constantly faced with accusations she’s using a filter to make her kids look bigger.

Jackie took to TikTok to share a video of herself and her kids, as she wrote over the top: “‘Your babies aren’t that big… it’s a filter.’

Jackie’s kids are so big that she often gets accused of using a filterTiktok – @jackiekxhlShe insisted that her kids are “really just that big)Tiktok – @jackiekxhl

As her kids clambered onto her lap, she added: “Nah they’re really just that big.”

“My chunky boys,” she added in her video caption, revealing one is 10-months-old and the other is two.

“Ready to pay rent,” one wrote.

“Bro they need a pay rent fr,” another added.

“Athletes,” a third commented.

“Can’t wait till they all in sports!”

“What the hell did you feed them?!” someone else asked.

“They’re going to be like 5’1 at the age of 6,” another laughed.

“And I bet they are going to be good at basketball.”

“When they older they gonna be at least 10ft or smth,” someone else wrote.

Others questioned how Jackie was after having the two chunky babies.

“Girl you must be a GODDESS if you birthed those two,” one wrote.

“are… are you… fine…? down there?” another asked.

While someone else said: “how..howwwwww.”

“HELP DID THAT HURT,” another wrote.