Men say they ‘don’t like farm girls’ until they see how I look – then they label me ‘wife material’

A YOUNG female farmer has challenged public perceptions of women in the industry.

She’s done such a good job, that her non-farming TikTok followers reckon she would make pretty good “wife material.”

TikTokTikToker Paula is a young female farmer challenging public perceptions of women in the industry[/caption]

Paula (@paulas_land) is part of a new generation of farming women who are not prepared to be consigned to the kitchen.

They want to be where the farm action is and behind the wheel of a tractor.

But, as Paula clarified in her post, they are also interested in beauty and fashion.

In a recent post, she was entirely at ease standing in a barn surrounded by cows.

She wore black jeans and a black, midriff-revealing vest top and captioned her post with a comment she has often encountered: “I don’t like farm girls.”

It’s a dated view of the female farming community, so she demonstrated that there was a lot more to this young farmer.

In the video, there was a change of locations and a radical change of wardrobe.

This time her farming uniform was left at home.

In its place, she wore a satin-look short pearl-colored dress, with her long blonde hair worn loose.

She looked like a completely different woman.

She proved that young farmers can be glamorous tooTikTok

Other images showed her standing in a barn rammed to the rafters with John Deere tractors, and finally, dressed as a cowgirl, complete with a ten-gallon hat.

Her post got a lot of attention and attracted over 16,000 likes.

“So beautiful, wow,” gushed one fan.

Another confirmed his preferences: “I like a farm girl.”

As did this follower: “Farm girls are better than city girls.”

“Them some lucky cows having you. Beautiful,” said this viewer.

But the final comment had ambitions and could only manage to utter: “Wife.”

TikTokModern female farmers want to be involved in all aspects of farm life[/caption]