Maryland viewers all say the same thing about Suranne Jones as new ITV drama kicks off

ITV viewers were all left saying the same thing as Suranne Jones’ brand new drama, Maryland, kicked off.

The new drama launched last night and has already got viewers hooked.

Photo: Eoin HollandFans heaped the praise on Suranne Jones[/caption]

ITVShe is starring in new drama Maryland[/caption]

Maryland follows two sisters who are brought back together following a family tragedy.

Becca (Suranne Jones) and Rosaline (Eve Best) have forged ahead with their lives, growing distant through time and circumstance, until the discovery of their mother’s body on the Isle of Man reunites them.

Arriving in a place they have never visited and with no idea why their mother was there, the sisters begin to unravel the long-held secrets of a woman they thought they knew, while keeping their own secrets from each other.

Following the show opener, fans were immediately left saying the same thing about award-winning actress Suranne.

Gushing over the actress, one fan penned: “Suranne Jones is just the best.”

Another added: “It’s time Suranne Jones got some kind of MBE, OBE or whatever.”

A third wrote: “I love Suranne Jones, such a fabulous actress.”

As a fourth said: “There’s nothing I love more than watching an artist smash the cr*p out of their art! Suranne Jones is one of the best honestly she always blows my mind.”

As well as loving Suranne in the brand new programme, viewers were left stunned when an old Hollywood legend popped up in the show.

Oscar nominated Stockard Channing, 79, is part of all-star cast.

She is of course best known for playing the sassy Rizzo in the iconic 1976 movie Grease,

The actress is also famous for shows like The West Wing, and The Good Wife.

On Maryland, Stockard plays Cathy, who is the sisters’ mum’s larger-than-life friend on the island.

ITVThe show reunites two sisters in tragedy[/caption]