Man with huge mane proves a ‘haircut changes everything’ and people say the results take him to ‘another level of hot’

A MAN has proved that a “haircut changes everything”, after swapping his curly mane for a cropped ‘do.

Costa took to TikTok to share a video of himself, which began with him holding the phone and showing off his curly locks.

Costa began his TikTok video by showing off his huge mane of curlsTikTok/costa.lilliosHe turned to the side to show just how much volume was in his curlsTikTok/costa.lilliosHe then showed off his transformation – with a much shorter cutTikTok/costa.lilliosPeople in the comments said that the new ‘do took him to ‘another level’ of hotTikTok/costa.lillios

The clip then showed him with a much shorter cut, still keeping a few of the curls on the top.

“What do you think, did it change anything?” he captioned his video.

People were quick to weigh in on the transformation, as one wrote: “The hair cut changed EVERYTHING. much better.”

“Wow. Thought he was handsome but then the haircut literally brought it to another level,” another added.

“Wow!! Sooooo much better short!!!” a third commented.

“Short hair absolutely! Not keen on the long hair, sorry,” someone else wrote.

“You look amazing with both hair styles,” another added.

“Hair changes everything. I will live by this,” someone else commented.

“Like a different person,” another wrote.

“Notice how your gray eyes are emphasised with short hair!” someone else said.

“Both looks are good, but short hair looks a lot more attractive.”

But others weren’t quite as convinced.

“nooooo your hair was beautiful,” one raged.

“Yes but no. Why?” another questioned.

As someone else commented: “You look better with long hair.”

“Why did you cut it? It’s not as curly short,” another wrote, adding a sad face emoji too.