Love Island fans spot ‘sign’ Ron and Lana romance won’t last after explosive challenge

LOVE Island viewers are convinced they have spotted a “sign” Ron and Lana’s romance won’t last.

The fan theory came after last night’s explosive challenge which saw the Islanders having to rate other couples.

Fans for fear for Lana and Ron’s relationshipRexIt came after last night’s explosive challengeRex

Finance worker Ron and make-up artist Lana, both 25, have seen their relationship scrutinised by the public.

It’s after his head turned on several occasions when a new bombshell arrived in the villa.

Last night on Love Island iconic ranking challenge returned on and saw the Islanders tasked with guessing how the public have ranked them in certain categories.

Amongst the categories were the most one-side couples, the most argumentative couples and the biggest game-playing couples.

But things took a turn when they had to rank the top three couples with the least sexual chemistry.

Their fellow Islanders said that as Ron and Lana don’t show much PDA, they should be number one.

But he wasn’t happy about this, and instead stepped up to the second spot on the podium as she said to her fellow islanders: “I’m going to back us, I don’t think we should be up here.”

However, it turned out that viewers HAD voted them the least affectionate couple.

The couple agreed that their lack of PDA must be the reason why the public think this.

However, fans think this lack of affection is the reason they won’t last outside of the villa.

They proved their point by claiming Ron was more touchy-feely with Tanyel, when they were coupled up together, than he is with Lana.

One fan wrote: “I still can’t believe Ron said he’s not a PDA person when it comes to his GF but was all over tanyel #loveisland.”

While another tweeted: “Ron showed Tanyel more affection than he does for Lana him and Lana are very STIFF.”

This fan chimed in: “Nooooo but Ron said he’s not a PDA person but he was very touchy/feely with Tanyel?? Ron isn’t attracted to Lana.”

Meanwhile Ron and Lana recently became boyfriend and girlfriend.

However… the financial advisor hasn’t been on his best behaviour during his time in the villa.

Despite telling Lana that he was mostly interested in her, he wanted to get to know every bombshell that walked through the door.

He admitted that he was attracted to Ellie Spence, 24, Samie Elishi, 23, and Zara Lackenby-Brown.

The hunk even had a flirty relationship with Tanyel Revan, that a lot of the Islanders picked up on.

ITVLove Island fans don’t have much hope for the future for Ron and Lana[/caption]