Love Island fans spot Claudia whispered damning put-down after Olivia dumped her from the villa

LOVE Island fans have spotted a sign that Claudia Fogarty might not have been as forgiving of Olivia Hawkins as she made out.

Several noticed a remark she mouthed at her co-star after she dumped her and partner Keanan Brand.

Olivia whispered: “I’m so sorry” but an unimpressed-looking Claudia mouthed: “Really.”

One fan tweeted: “Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who saw Claudia mouth “really” when Olivia was apologising.”

Another said: “Wait did Claudia just said “really” in a nasty way or is she fine??”

A third noticed: “Damn. Claudia said really.”

The remarks, picked up on the show’s official subtitles, were a odds with what she said elsewhere.

She insisted that Olivia and Maxwell had made the “right decision” to dump her and Keanan.

Speaking after leaving the villa, Claudia said: “It’s a bittersweet feeling considering the whole Casey situation and there wasn’t anyone else for me after that.

“I left with Kenan which was lovely and I’m excited to see my family now.

“It would have been nice to stay if someone came in for me but Olivia and Maxwell picking me and Keanan was the right decision, everyone else had a connection and we didn’t.”