Love Island fans accuse show of ‘cutting’ scenes after ‘fake’ islanders are exposed

LOVE Island fans have slammed the remaining contestants, claiming the show has cut scenes of them being fake.

With Olivia Hawkins’s exit from the Love Island villa last week, viewers believe other contestants are now showing their “fake sides” more, or may have always been this way, it was just lost in editing.

Now Olivia has left the islanders have started accusing others of being fakeRexITVCasey and Rosie have now fallen out with Ron and Lana[/caption]

Olivia had come under fire several times during the series for opinions and actions many deemed hypocritical, including getting mad at Kai Fagan for recoupling in Casa Amor, even though she did as well.

She also refused to explain herself to Jessie Wynter after making comments to others, saying she believed the Australian bombshell was fake.

But now Olivia’s gone, fans believe the model and stunt double proved to be a distraction tactic and that actually the entire villa is just as bad.

This included a new conversation sparked over Ron and Lana’s relationship being genuine, considering Ron’s comment that the couple were “cruising” – noting previous winners had a rough start before balancing out.

Others began to think this was part of a wider “game plan”.

After watching Sunday night’s episode, one wrote: “We were all distracted by Olivia we didn’t see that Samie was also a villain. A fake friend to Jessie and the biggest gossip.”

“They all just need to stop trying to fake happy family in the Villa and say how they really feel! And we thought Olivia was the problem,” added a second.

“Olivia left and so they all decided that being fake was gonna be their thing now,” noted a third.

While a fourth wrote: “I think love island painted a false narrative bc they gave olivia sm screen time..all these girls and boys definitely talked just as much s**t as liv but it didn’t get aired.”

“I think everyone in love island is fake there is not a genuine friendship in there and once they all leave the villa they won’t even link up,” said a fifth.

Olivia made her first appearance since leaving the villa on Sunday night’s Love Island spin-off chat show, Aftersun, during which she admitted she was a little hypocritical in her actions in the villa.

Leaving the series with Maxwell Samuda, the pair are now planning a date away from the ITV juggernaut.

He told ITV: “We’ve talked about our first date. We had a date in the villa but we’ve been discussing what we might like to do outside and when we can do it.

“We also want to meet each other’s friends and families.”

He added: “I am definitely the one that is planning it, I was thinking maybe a nice little sushi spot and some drinks.”

Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

Fans believe Olivia provided a smoke screen for everyone else’s commentsITVITVOlivia admitted she may have been hypocritical with her decisions[/caption]