Lana and Rosie row as Love Island tensions explode after Ron and Casey’s clash

LOVE Island’s Lana and Rosie got into a fiery row tonight after Ron and Casey clashed.

Early on in the episode, Rosie questions whether or not her relationship with Casey really is one-sided following the A Couple of Sorts challenge.

Rosie asks Ron and Lana for advice on her romance with CaseyITVCasey is not happy when Rosie reveals what Ron tells herITV

Ron and Lana offered her some advice on the situation. 

Ron then said: “If you want to prepare yourself for the outside world, [he needs] to get to know you a lot quicker.

“The only way you’re going to do that is by spending more 1-1 time with you… I think he loves being one of the ‘Three Musketeers’ [with Tom and Will] a lot… I would say just keep a little bit of space, see where he goes.”

The next day Rosie told Casey that Ron said he prioritises the boys over her and says they won’t work on the outside. 

Casey then pulled Ron for a chat to find out exactly what was said.

An annoyed Casey said “Rosie’s told me that you’ve basically said to Rosie that I prioritise my time in here with the boys and not her.”

Trying to clear up any misunderstanding, Ron explained that the word “prioritise” wasn’t the word that he used.

Casey continued: “And that you told her to take a step a back from me”

A surprised Ron hit back: “1. I never said you prioritise your time – I said, you like being around Will and Tom.

“It’s being made into a massive thing. I’m not going to let it become a big thing.

“She was basically talking to Lana and obviously I was there, the question about [being] ‘one-sided’ was in her head. I’m like, don’t deep the question.” 

Casey retorted: “You’re basically saying you had my back then, which is the opposite of what Rosie said.”

Seeing the drama unfold, Lana and Rosie joined the conversation to have their say on matter.

Lana explained: “That’s not the way it was said. He was offering you advice.” 

Ron clarified “I said he loves spending time with the boys.” 

But an unhappy Rosie butted in: “You said how is he going to get to know you if it’s never just you two.” 

Lana turned to Ron as she tried to defend him, adding: “That didn’t come out of your mouth”

But Rosie fired back: “You said to me it’s not going to work on the outside if you don’t get to know each other properly in here and time is limited.

“I just feel it was the way it was said.”

 Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

Ron is stunned by Casey and Rosie’s reaction as he tries to defend himselfITVLana fires back at Rosie after Casey pulls them for a chatITV