KSI’s face disfigured as he shows off nasty eye injury after sparring accident

KSI has revealed a gruesome eye injury he sustained ahead of his upcoming return to the ring.

The social media star, 29, will face Joe Fournier on Saturday 13 May.

YouTube – @ksiKSI has revealed his gruesome new eye injury…[/caption]

YouTube – @ksiThe star said it came from a clash of heads in sparring in his new YouTube video today…[/caption]

Ahead of that clash, he appeared on the latest episode of his Sidemen show to promote the bout.

However, the man with 16.2 million followers on social media already looked like he had received a hefty beating as he sported a swollen eye and bust lip.

Laughing at the start of the video, KSI said: “Yo, what’s up? It’s your boy KSI… mind the eye.

“I got it during sparring. Just a clash of heads.”

But that does not seem to be deterring the fighter as he insisted his training for the bout could not be better.

KSI, real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, said: “Training camp is going well.

“Obviously I took a little break. I felt like it was good for me.

“I felt like I was really able to step back and reflect on my whole life, my whole situation because I feel like I’ve just been going at a hundred miles an hour in general especially this year.”

He added: “So much has happened I still haven’t taken in that I knocked out Temperrr in the first round, like, I wasn’t able to take that whole moment, you know, me fighting at Wembley Arena and everyone going crazy and everything.

“Everything has just moved and I’ve just done so many things after that, that I haven’t been able to just settle and take it all in.”

Earlier this month KSI and Fournier, 40, clashed on stage at a heated press conference ahead of their bout at the Misfits Boxing event in London.

Fournier double-handed shoved KSI – real name in the chest.

KSI refrained from reacting to the push, remaining calm and opting instead to continue to stare down the British businessman.

Prior to landing the first physical blow of their rivalry, a fired-up Fournier roared: “At the end of the day I am coming to take the guy’s whole legacy.

“I’m here to be the new face of Misfits. I want to have a scrap with the guy.

“The guy made his career playing FIFA. He beats me at FIFA but this isn’t FIFA.

“This is us standing there 18lb, 10oz gloves and he talks about explosive and power but it is all relative.

“David Haye didn’t knock me out so I would like to trade with him and I want it to be a fight that goes down in history.

“I want him to be the best he can be I don’t want me to walk all over him in 40 seconds, like I think is going to happen.”

KSI responded with his own jibes, but it was his apology for using a racial slur in a recently-aired YouTube video which dominated the presser.