Katie Price fans swoon over her ‘handsome’ brother as rarely-seen sibling lends a hand

KATIE Price’s brother was branded “handsome” as he lent a hand at the Mucky Mansion.

Dan was seen chopping wood for the cinema room she was building at the sprawling home.

C4Katie Price got help from her family on her Mucky Mansion show[/caption]

C4Her rarely-seen brother Dan helped her chop wood for the house[/caption]

C4He said of Katie’s turnaround: ‘As a brother I can only be proud’[/caption]

Speaking on the star’s Channel 4 show, Dan blamed his grey hair on having her as a younger sister.

He said: “As a family we are always there to support behind the scenes. I can tell Kate straight how it is.

“Kate doesn’t always listen but I’m sure she acknowledges, whether she acts on that information I or we as a family provide.

“The reason for the grey hair is obviously having Kate as a younger sister through the highs and lows of her career and life.”

He added: “It’s very difficult to be on the sidelines to watch the layers unfold to where she become.

“She’s now steering where she’s going and what she’s doing by hopefully making the right decisions. As a brother I can only be proud that she was able to turn things around.”

Dan and Katie both share the same father, Ray Infield, but she took the surname of her stepdad, Paul Price when he and her mum Amy married.

Both Dan and Paul – who, handily, owns a fencing firm – were on hand to help her out on her Channel 4 show last night.

She was beefing up some of the security at her Mucky Mansion home after online threats.

New fencing panels were put around the perimeter of the Sussex home.

But some viewers were more focused on Dan, with one writing: “Her brother is so handsome.”

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