Kardashians ‘silently dominate’ Hidden Hills, Kanye West had to move to ‘find freedom’ after Kim split, expert says

THE Kardashians are quietly overrunning Hidden Hills with their slew of lavish mega-mansions, a local real estate agent has said.

And she thinks Kim’s ex Kanye West won’t return to live in the closed Calabasas enclave as he carves out his new life elsewhere.

GettyKim Kardashian and her family dominate Hidden Hills and keep a low profile there says a local real estate agent[/caption]

GettyKanye West is spending time in Malibu with his new wife and near where he bought a beachfront house that’s renovating[/caption]

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West in February 2021, with the pair officially parting ways 21 months later.

And as they finally reached a divorce settlement, the pair divided up their properties.

At the time, their massive portfolio was said to be worth around $100 million and included 21 homes in places like Idaho, Calabasas, and Malibu.

But while Kim and Kanye were once known as the power couple of Calabasas, since the divorce, Kim has stayed with the kids in their Hidden Hills family mansion.

That September, Kanye went on to buy a four-bed, four-and-a-half-bath Malibu beachfront home for $57.3 million.

He purchased it in an off-market deal through his company, Shore Drive Holdings, and set to work gutting it almost straight away.

The Mega AgencyKanye’s $57 million dollar Malibu beach house is a good place for him to start over after splitting from Kim two years ago says a local real estate agent[/caption]

By December 2021, Kanye had also purchased a property in Hidden Hills, just across the street from his then-estranged wife.

At the time, he told Hollywood Unlocked: “My solace comes from seeing my kids and getting a solid schedule. That’s why I even got the house.”

And while the pair shared custody of their four kids in the divorce, the music producer hasn’t ever appeared to have settled in.

Kim, too, has since purchased a vacation property in Malibu – a $70 million mansion that was previously owned by supermodel Cindy Crawford.

In an exclusive interview, West Coast real estate expert Stacey Franklyn revealed what it all means to The U.S. Sun.

She said: “The Kardashians may have chosen to move to Calabasas in the first place because it’s so clean and there are luxury properties there.

“But there’s a very different feel when you’re physically inside the gates of Hidden Hills, where most of them live now.

“It’s restricted and there are armed guards. Where Kim lives in Hidden Hills, there are sprawling ranch-style lots.

“The Kardashians dominate the Hidden Hills community now, but then pretty much keep to themselves.

“It’s immaculate and every single property has beautifully manicured surroundings.

“They stay quiet and stick within their own family.”

As for Kanye, Stacey isn’t convinced he’ll be moving back.

Splash NewsKim and Kanye paid $20 million for their new home in Hidden Hills, where Kim now lives with her four children[/caption]

She says: “For Kanye, I can say it isn’t uncommon for wealthy people to own multiple homes.

“It’s also possible if he did purchase in Hidden Hills that he may’ve been looking at the stability of his family life.

“He may not have wanted to move his children around if it isn’t necessary.

“But maybe he’s in a place in his life where he’s ready to start a new journey with his new wife somewhere else.

“Malibu is more exclusive and trendier.

“It also offers freedom, since it’s near the ocean and has a healing vibe.”

Kanye has also yet to move into his new, bunker-style Malibu beachfront home with his new Aussie wife, Bianca Censori.

Previously, the renovations were put on hold after Kanye claimed he’d lost billions.

This transpired in the wake of antisemitic remarks he’d made online – which led to him being dropped by Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga.

The controversial rapper went on to marry Bianca in secret, before moving into a luxury Malibu hotel.

Instagram/@noburyokanmalibuKanye and his ‘wife’ Bianca Censori are living at a Malibu hotel while he renovates his $57M beach property, where he looks to be starting over[/caption]

In fact, a source recently told The U.S. Sun that the newlyweds are staying at Nobu Ryokan and that it’s here that Kanye is trying to get his life back on track.

“Kanye may have chosen Malibu as a place to recharge, ” says Stacey.

“It’s the sort of place people come to make new beginnings next to the ocean.

“There’s fresh air, a quiet and clean environment and it’s a stone’s throw from the city.

“He’s going to have this new home where he and his new wife can build a new life.

“Malibu is an inspiring place, and for celebrities like Kanye, it’s a wonderful place to get new ideas and for transformation.

The Mega AgencyA local real estate agent has said that where Kanye will be living is like a sanctuary and unlike Hidden Hills which feels restricted[/caption]

“Malibu is more of a sanctuary type of place where you may not have many neighbors.

“But where Kanye will be living, some of these homes next to his aren’t occupied year-round.”

The Kardashians own several vast properties in the Hidden Hills complex, which is also home to celebs like Drake.

Kim’s current home there is worth around $60 million following an extensive renovation.

Kris Jenner moved to Hidden Hills in 2021 and has a mansion there worth around $20 million.

And Khloe comes in next at around $17 million for her own custom-built pad.

Kylie moved into her Hidden Hills home in 2016.

GoogleHidden Hills in California is a gated community where there are armed guards and the Kardashian family owns many properties[/caption]

Residents in the 650-plus properties reportedly love the glam Los Angeles neighborhood because of the lack of sidewalks and streetlights.

“Hidden Hills, where Kim has stayed put, is its own type of city which is cut off,” adds Stacey.

“In order to access this community, you have to be cleared by both a property owner or rep and must show ID to enter.

“So even if you’re a real estate agent going in to show a property, you have to be permitted to enter by an owner.

“There’s a mix of residents there with celebrities and others who aren’t in the limelight.

“There are restrictions because the residents need to protect themselves.

“The contrast for Kanye would be that he may be looking to not be in such a community anymore.

“Hidden Hills is very unlike other communities in the San Fernando Valley.”

GoogleKim also bought a $6.3M home next door to her $60M LA mansion in Hidden Hills and just to expand her compound there[/caption]