Jilted farmer stuffed apples into exhaust of Tinder lover’s car after he ended their fling

A JILTED farmer stuffed apples into the exhaust of her Tinder lover’s car.

Melanie Meigh, 20, turned up at Jack Mc­Mahon’s home after he ended their on-off fling.

Melanie Meigh has been forced to pay her ex-lover £100 compensation after she stuffed apples into his car exhaustCavendish Press

She spray-painted an obscenity on the wall, let down his tyres, sprayed his exhaust and filled it with apples she had grabbed from a tree.

Meigh also stole cash, Mr McMahon’s passport and a set of spanners.

She went on to make taunting phone calls.

Meigh bragged: “Hope you like apples”, “Cheers for the spanners”, and “I have your passport.”

She also damaged his bike and sprayed another obscenity on his mother’s gate.

The couple met on ­Tinder and were together for three weeks in Tarporley, Cheshire.

Meigh admitted eight charges including harassment.

The court heard she is currently expecting a child by a different man.

Nastasha McAdam, prosecuting, said: “The complainant and the defendant had known each other for approximately three weeks after meeting on Tinder.

“They were not in a real relationship though they were intimate on several occasions.

“The defendant was there with a friend and was abusive and threatening.”

Meigh was given a community order, a £120 fine and told to pay £100 compensation.

She had offences of common assault and battery on her record from February 2021 involving her adopted mother.

Meigh is currently awaiting the results of a DNA test to confirm whether another ex-boyfriend is the father of her unborn child.

Warrington magistrates also imposed a restraining order.