I’ve been a mechanic since the 60s and I’ve seen it all – here’s how to avoid a repair scam that could cost you £100s

A MECHANIC who has worked in a garage since the 60s has explained how to avoid a common repair scam that could cost drivers hundreds.

Scotty Kilmer has become increasingly popular on social media – warning drivers about rogue mechanics and scams that could cost you a lot of money.

TikTokScotty Kilmer has decades of experience as a mechanic and has explained how to avoid a common repair scam that could cost drivers hundreds[/caption]

TikTokThe veteran engineer uploads videos explaining how to deal with mechanics[/caption]

YouTube user @scottykilmer uploads videos explaining how to deal with dodgy mechanics.

He said: “See all the rubber hoses? They’re vacuum lines. They take and intake vacuum pressure from the engine.

“It’s a sealed system with vacuum pressure that sucks in, so if a mechanic pulls under here and takes out one of the little hoses, it’ll suck air and run poorly.

“It can also make your check engine light come on because the engine will be running too lean and has too much air sucking in and not enough fuel.

“It can make your engine idle poorly, and you can lack acceleration, especially at lower speeds. The faster you go, that little leak won’t mean that much, and it could run okay at highway speeds.”

“Make sure all the hoses are plugged in, and when it’s idling, listen for a sucking sound – and when you get there, you will probably see an unplugged hose.”

The video has had more than 276,737 views and 331 comments on YouTube – and users say that they love his content.

One said: “In life, you need a good medic, a good lawyer, and a good mechanic.”

Another said: “That sucking sound is the sound of money leaving your wallet because you didn’t buy a ’94 (Toyota) Celica.

A third pointed out: “They also disconnect sensors too. Charge you £200 for a part, and all they did was plug it back in.”

This comes after an expert mechanic revealed the top three car repair scams; being aware of them could save you thousands of pounds.

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