Is this Britain’s worst takeaway? Shocking moment worker uses blowtorch to cook raw chicken in alleyway

THIS is the shocking moment a takeaway worker is caught on camera using a blowtorch to cook raw chicken.

The local council have launched an investigation after the footage of the man grilling the birds on a trolley next to a large bin went viral on social media.

TwitterThe man was caught on camera using a blowtorch to grill raw chicken[/caption]

The unnamed restaurant in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, has received a visit from food safety inspectors over the disgusting clip.

The person filming the video can be heard shouting “f***ing hell I’m not eating that” as he walks past the employee, who is holding the large torch, attached to a propane tank.

A large piece of cardboard had been placed under the meat, thought to be designed to catch juices dripping of it.

A second clip then showed pieces of chicken in a shopping trolley nearby.

Online commenters have reacted with disgust on TikTok.

One wrote: “How can people put [their] trust in takeaways after seeing this?”

Another added: “So glad I’m vegan! This is disgusting.”

Meanwhile, a third joked: “Wow that’s amazing!

Wish we had restaurants that served food that fresh.”

However, others defended the method, with one suggesting it was a way of removing feathers from the chickens rather than cooking them.

They said: “I think he’s singeing the skin to remove any stray feathers prior to preparing it for cooking.”

Smaller feathers, which are difficult to pluck by hand, can be removed in this way.

A spokesperson for Middlesbrough Council said: “We are aware of the video circulating online and are looking into the matter.

“As a matter of course we expect all food processes to be carried out in a safe and hygienic manner.”

TwitterA second clip showed the meat being cooked in a shopping trolley[/caption]