Is Fitbit down? iPhone and Android users ‘locked out’ as app keeps crashing

FITBIT owners have complained that they’re unable to access the fitness tracking app as it repeatedly crashes.

Nearly 1,000 unhappy customers have reported having issues with the platform on DownDetector today, with even more taking to social media.

FITBITWhile FitBit Support has been trying to ease customer concerns, others feel they’ve been left in the dark[/caption]

Owners of the smartwatch have been seeking help from Fitbit Support on social media.

One customer, by the name of Stewart, asked Fitbit for help on Twitter, saying: “My app won’t remain open and keep crashing.

“I see other people are experiencing the same. Is there a solution?”

FitBit Support replied, saying: “Please try the following: Make sure your Fitbit app version is updated. Force close and reopen the app. Restart phone.

“If the issue persists, DM us your Fitbit account email address, phone model and its OS version.”

While FitBit Support has been trying to ease concerns, some customers feel they’ve been left in the dark.

Another Twitter user said that despite nearly 1,000 reports of the app crashing on DownDetector, that Fitbit was ‘fobbing people off’.

One more customer, by the name of Charlie, said: “I’ve tried to DM them myself, but don’t know if it is because they didn’t ask me to or what, but they are ignoring me.

“I mean how many reports of the app being down will it take for @FitbitSupport (@fitbit) to start addressing the issue?”

The issue comes just a week after Fitbit left customers disappointed with the news it was removing some fan-favourite features.

The company, which is owned by Google, announced it will be shutting down its beloved Challenges feature, alongside others, later this month in an effort to ‘streamline’ its app.

But users weren’t happy, and instead threatened to cancel their subscriptions and boycott the app.

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