Inside ‘UK’s weirdest village’ with huge SHARK above abandoned pub & bizarre wooden statues filling beer garden

A VILLAGE appears to be vying for the title of the UK’s weirdest village with its variety of quirky features.

Just a stone’s throw from the A46 sits the Warwickshire village of Wixford.

CoventryLive/BPMA shark’s head sits above an abandoned pub[/caption]

CoventryLive/BPMA creepy wooden band sits in the overgrown garden[/caption]

Its eccentricities are numerous, from its bright blue village hall to its curious closed-down pub.

The Fish Inn shut its doors at the end of 2022 as its owners decided to retire after 27 years.

But a menacing-looking shark head with razor sharps still keeps watch over the entrance of the abandoned boozer.

Meanwhile, in the unkept beer garden stands bizarre wooden statues of a band – with one of them appearing to be using a cat as a guitar.

Down the road, the village’s blue village hole remains shut, reports Coventry Live.

Wixford is also home to The Horsehouse, which is a “rare early 18th-century structure of hurdle and gorse walls with a thatched roof” in the churchyard.

The church itself – St Milburga’s – is a beautiful 12th-century Grade-II listed building.

It may be an eccentric village, but it doesn’t appear to be a cheap one.

Last year, a five-bed detached home in the area was flogged for more than £1 million, while two cottages sold in 2021 went for £960,000 and £470,000.

Meanwhile, locals living in the UK’s poshest village where the average house price is £1 million have explained why they love it.

Everyone who calls the small Somerset area home says they’re big fans of the community – which comes together in times of need.

Wellow, which boasts £1m homes and a community-run shop, has been named the poshest village.

The owners of the local and traditional countryside pub say they know all too well about the generosity of the people who live there.

Charles and Jo Parson run the Fox and Badger and say they feel “fortunate” that it’s in such a great town.

The pair have owned the pub, which is the heart of the community, for nine years.

But, they wouldn’t give the town the posh label it’s been assigned.

CoventryLive/BPMWixford is also home to a ‘rare early 18th-century structure of hurdle and gorse walls with a thatched roof’[/caption]

GoogleThe village’s blue village hall[/caption]

The Grade-II listed St Milburga C Of E Church