Incredible photos show great white shark flashing blood-stained teeth as its rips through meal & leaps from water

INCREDIBLE pictures show a great white shark baring its blood stained teeth as it rips through its meal.

The images show the huge beast feasting on a tasty treat of yellowfin tuna in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico.

Jam Press/@euanartA great white shark’s teeth on display[/caption]

Jam Press/@euanartThe shark tucks into a tasty treat[/caption]

British-born photographer Euan Rannachan has shared several videos of the great whites feasting on bait, diving through the water, and showing off their deadly, ultra-sharp teeth.

In one clip, a shark can be seen being teased by someone pulling on a line of bait.

Within seconds, the animal launches an attempt to grab the tasty treat before showing off its incredible gnashers.

Another video shows a shark swimming around while eyeing up its next feast, before snatching it clear out of sight.

A different clip shows a panoramic view of a shark with scratch marks all over its body.

“Normally, the action I’m looking to capture is at the surface and it’s always exciting when any shark shows up,” said Euan.
“But especially when they’re interested in the [food] and want to get a little exercise in.

“Some days we only see one or two sharks, but other days, we are surrounded for hours.

“It all depends on what’s happening around the island and who wants to come out and hang.”

Euan explained that he wants to change people’s perception of the mighty predators.

He said the creatures are curious and aren’t as aggressive toward humans as movies make them appear to be.

Sharks only bite about five to 10 humans per year and usually take a “sample bite” out of curiosity before swimming away.

The sharks use their noses to detect prey in the water, feeling electrical signals to “hear” the heartbeat of others around them.

Their sense of smell is so strong, they can sniff out a colony of seals from two miles away.

“My job is to introduce people to these fish and help break down the unrealistic perception they have of them,” said Euan.

“Hollywood has brought this on and wherever possible, I want to show these sharks in the best possible light.”

On Instagram, Euan has also recently uploaded some of his most spectacular shots from the past, taken during travels to places like Guadeloupe Island, Mexico.

One picture shows the ferocious animal revealing its glossy gnashes while emerging out of the waves.

In another shot, the shark is shown within an inch of a delicious slab of meat, ready to chow down.

Meanwhile, a horrific picture captures the great white shark finally sneaking a taste, as he munches on the steak while blood streams across its face.

Jam Press/@euanartThe huge predators can be seen leaping out of the water[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/@euanartOne of the huge creatures circling in the water[/caption]