I’m the footballer who was once sold for 15kg of sausages.. and had to retire from embarrassment

FORMER footballer Marius Cioara revealed that he had to retire from embarrassment due to a transfer he made.

He once made a move from Romanian fourth division side UT Arad to second division outfit Regal Hornia, but it was the transfer ‘fee’ that stood out.

Marius Cioara moved from UT Arad to Regal HorniaDan Charity – The SunHis transfer fee was 15kgs of sausages[/caption]

The defender was bought by Hornia for 15kgs of pork sausages in 2006, which is very strange in a world that has seen stars be sold for hundreds of millions.

However, he did not stay for long as he retired from football the very next day.

A local media outlet quoted Cioara saying: “The sausage taunts all got too much.

“They were joking, but I would have got more from the Germans and making sausage jokes was a huge insult.

“I have decided to go to Spain where I have got a job on a farm.”

As a result, Hornia then asked to be refunded the sausages from UT Arad.

But interestingly enough, Cioara is not the only player to have had a transfer fee paid for with food.

During the 2000/01 season in Norway, Kenneth Kristiansen moved between third-tier teams Vindbjart and Flekkeroy.


His fee was calculated by his weight – 75kg- and the currency was shrimp.

On the transfer, Flekkeroy chairman Rolf Guttormsen said: “I had no idea if it was a joke or deadly serious.

“The Vindbjart chairman said that it was a bit of both, but they wanted the shrimp.

“No problem, we have enough shrimp.”