I’m plus-size – my belly never stops me from wearing anything because I always look good, including in bikinis

A PLUS-SIZE woman doesn’t care what other people have to say, she’s going to keep wearing whatever she wants.

After all, her belly looks good in everything, including bikinis.

Tamia, a plus-size influencer, shared an uplifting message with her followersTIKTOK/@queensizedmia

Tamia Morris (@queensizedmia) shared her uplifting message in a video with over 160,000 TikTok followers.

“Just a reminder,” she said, standing in a yellow two-piece bikini. “The belly never stops anything.”

The body-positive influencer said that while others may attempt to hide their belly, she thinks there’s nothing wrong with hers and lets it out on full display.

“I’mma wear anything, the belly don’t stop nothing, cause guess what?

“I look good in anything, haha,” she laughed.

“Quick reminder for the people in the back,” she added with hashtags #bodypositivity and #confidence.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“Period,” said one commenter.

“Aye I agree,” said another.

Others were obsessed with the bikini she had on: “Is this swimwear and where’s it from please x,” requested one viewer.

“Where is this suit from?” asked another.

The influencer was quick to supply the answer: “Fashion nova love,” she said.

The influencer said she’s proud of her belly and knows that she looks good in anythingTIKTOK/@queensizedmia