I’m plus size & love showing off my curves in teeny bikinis & mini dresses – trolls tell me to cover up but I never will

POSING happily and flaunting her curves in a bikini, plus size Dani is determined to defy the cruel trolls.

The model, who is regularly taunted by comments telling her to “cover up,” has promised to not back down.

TikTok/itsdanidmcDani regularly post body confident videos to her social media[/caption]

TikTok/itsdanidmcShe claims trolls often tell her to “cover up”[/caption]

The model, who regularly posts videos of what she eats in a day and about being body confident, feels sexiest when she is wearing mini dresses and swimwear. 

But sadly, the abuse Dani, who goes by the name of itsdanidmc on TikTok, receives is constant, with critics saying she “shouldn’t wear” certain clothes. 

In one video she uploaded, Dani captioned it: “Can’t ever put me in a box…I’ll shatter it.” 

Throughout the video, Dani models different bikinis which reveal her stomach and thigh area.

A quote written on the video reads: “Plus size girls shouldn’t wear bikinis.” 

But Dani is hitting back at these comments by continuing to post body confident videos. 

The bikini video gained over 600k people interacting with it, and over 8k people commenting on it. 

One wrote: “These are gorg! Where are they from?” 

And Dani replied: “Fashion Nova.” 

Others thanked her for sharing her body confident videos. 

One wrote: “Out of all the plus sized girls I’ve seen your body type is the most similar to mine, and you look so beautiful. It honestly helps.” 

TikTok/itsdanidmcThe plus size model feels confident wearing tiny bikinis[/caption]

TikTok/itsdanidmcThe model can regularly be seen in mini dresses and swimwear[/caption]

In another video Dani showed herself wearing a short mini-dress, which she also gets trolled for. 

Wearing what appears to be a Lycra grey dress, she films herself from the back before turning around so the camera can see her from the front. 

In the video, she includes a quote from a troll which reads: “You should really cover up.” 

She mimes a voice over which says: “Or, or, you can go f**k yourself, and I can keep doing what I’m doing.”

Hundreds of people commented on her video.

One simply wrote: “Precisely.”

Another said: “You go girl.” Whilst someone else added: “keep doing what you’re doing. You are gorgeous.” 

Dani has over 285 TikTok followers with fans following her for her positive videos.