I’m pear shaped but still prefer low waisted pants – people say I ‘suit it well’

A BODY-POSITIVE woman is choosing to wear whatever she pleases – and it seems that low waisted pants are high on her radar.

The pear shaped fashion fan showed what she looks like in both low and high waisted trousers and made clear that she prefers hers to sit comfortably below her stomach.

One woman is super into the low waisted pants trend – she feels they flatter her pear shaped bodyTikTok @gracetuttySome of her social media fans agreeTikTok @gracetutty

Grace Tutty (@gracetutty) mouthed along to a TikTok audio to show her stance on the low waist versus high waisted pants debate.

“Some people are simply better than others,” she said, while wearing a pair of black low waisted pants and giving a shady look.

“You really think you’re better than me?” she questioned in the next clip, while wearing high waisted black pants to make a statement.

She cut back to the clip of her in the low waisted pants: “Oh I think we both know the answer to that,” she said, sassily flipping her hair.

People took to the comments section of the video to share their opinions.

“Low waisted plus hip dips is like the most hot thing,” one said.


“YES QUEEN,” a third said.

“Low waisted and mid waisted are superior,” another wrote, agreeing with Tutty’s take.

“Low looks so much better.”

“You suit it so well.”

Some people weren’t so fond of low waited pants though.

“You’ll never see me with low rise,” one said.

“High,” another added.

To which Tutty responded: “I prefer low on me. I didn’t ask what anyone else thought, you can wear whatever you want.”

And someone else thought Tutty looked amazing either way: “Both omg they both look stunning.”