I’m known for wild partying on Geordie Shore, but I’ve quit booze and sex after having a crisis, says Bethan Kershaw

GEORDIE Shore star Bethan Kershaw has hinted that she has given up booze and sex after having an “identity crisis.”

The personality is best known for her starring role in the wild MTV reality show, but it seems she is now in search for a calmer life.

InstagramThe reality star admitted that she made major changes in her life[/caption]

Bethan Kershaw admitted that she has quit alcohol and sex after having an ‘identity crisis’

Bethan, 28, recently sat down for a chat on The Pallett Podcast with former Love Island stars Luke Mabbott and Chris Biggs.

But rather than party it up, the reality star has confessed that she wants to be more “aware” of her life in the near future.

She confessed: “If you don’t know who you are and you don’t have a sense of awareness of who you are, you can get lost in it.”

“I’m on Geordie Shore, partying for a living literally just go crazy.

“It’s weird because there’s like two different sides to me that not a lot of people know about.

“I’m struggling a lot at the minute because I’m going from one extreme to another extreme, going out partying, drinking doing all this crazy s*** to zen.”

But the star admitted her behaviour on the show was due to wanting to escape from the realities of everyday life.

Bethan admitted: “It’s like an escapism, any kind of drinks, over consumption of social media or TV, alcohol, sex, all of these different things that are dopamine hits, that’s all it is.

“That’s escapism from reality, your trying to escape your body for some reason.

“That’s where it causes people to have drug problems and alcohol problems and sex problems, cheat on your marriage and all of this stuff.

“Because you’re not being mindful of what you’re putting into your body and what you’re consuming.”

“I’m trying to live a more fulfilling and self aware life.”

The star also revealed that she thought she was having some sort of “crisis”.

She also said that she wanted to make substantial changes in her life and work for mental health services.

The Geordie Shore star reflected: “Maybe because I’m going through this identity crisis, I feel like I’m changing a lot.

So maybe I just need to find out who I am around my people who I’m keeping in my life and get rid of dead weight.

“I want to work with mental health and things like that, brain health neuro science and stuff like that.

“I think I’m advocate for it too, I get depressive spells a lot, I get anxiety a lot so I understand how it can be.”

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