I’m curvy – I used to hate my body but now I love it, I know it’s ‘beautiful’ and want other women to see that too

A CURVY woman has gotten vulnerable enough with her audience to share an uplifting message.

She said she used to hate her body but has since realized that she’s beautiful.

Kailey Breyer, a body positive influencer, used to hate her body but has since realized she’s beautifulTikTok/kaileybreyer

Kailey Breyer (@kaileybreyer) said that she wants other women to know that they’re also beautiful too.

“POV: you are struggling with your body image,” she said, standing depressed in a teal workout set.

The influencer pulled down her high-waisted leggings to reveal her stomach, poking and prodding at it in dissatisfaction.

Moments later, she revealed her self-esteem glow-up, standing in a bikini as she mentioned the goal of her account — to motivate and uplift others.

“I’m no beauty queen,” she admits. “I’m just beautiful me.”

“I will help you love yourself,” she said, adding the hashtags #bodypositive and #bodyimage.

In another video, she doubled down on her message: “POV: never getting ready because of your body,” she said.

She transitioned into her message: ‘There comes a day where you’re going to look around and realize happiness is loving yourself where you are,” she said.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts: “Since I started following you my life has become more happier, thank you Kailey,” said one commenter.

“Love your energy, hoping to get there,” said another.

“I always hated my body..but Kailey made me love my body,” said a third. “Thank you Kailey you’re the best.”

Others thought her confidence was what made her beautiful: “It’s so crazy how attractive confidence is!” said one supporter.

The influencer shared her message to uplift other womenTikTok/kaileybreyer