I’m an interior designer & the statement cushion is out of date – here’s three ways to add a pop of colour

AN interior designer has blasted the statement cushion trend and suggested other ways people can add pops of colour to their home. 

Brie Turton has made a name for herself sharing interior design tips online, using her expertise and knowledge.

The interior designer had her say on an outdated trendstudiobrie

In one of her most recent posts, Brie posted a video on her TikTok account @studiobrie, which was dedicated to a trend she said was so outdated.

In it, she explained to her 90k followers why she thought this was the case and also offered up how to get the effect in different ways.

Pointing to a grey sofa with two bright yellow cushions on top, she began: “The cushion colour pop is dated.

“Here are three better ways to get colour into your home if you don’t know where to start.”

She then launched into her list, starting with number one – using colours found in nature. 

Brie explained: “Think forest greens, olive greens, beautiful deep ocean blues and red earth sort of tones.

“This is going to create a really seamless transition.

“If you’ve got no colour in your home and you want to subtly inject colour, this is the way to do it.”

Brie said that the second way to get some new colour in your home, without resorting to coloured cushions, is to think about where you could hang art.

She went on to say: “Art is a fabulous way to get bright, bold colours into your home, even if it doesn’t suit the furnishing that you’ve got to work with.

“Because art is all about making a statement, meaning you have no problems using clashing colours on the walls – it looks intentional.”

Her third tip was an unlikely but effective one and it’s all to do with one room in the home.

Brie continued: “Consult your wardrobe – even if you wear all black.

“I have a girlfriend like that and she has a gorgeous dark, maroon handbag and she’s also got some jewellery with a green stone in it.

“So if I was designing her home, the places and the colours I would start are a maroon and a green.”

And it seems Brie’s followers were impressed with what she’d pointed out, as they said they’d try implementing her advice into their own homes going forward.

One wrote: “Omg this is so clever. It had never occurred to me but cushions as an accent are so over.”

They added: “The genius here!”

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Instead, Brie offered up other ways to add colour to your homestudiobrie