I’m an interior designer and here’s eight reasons your home looks cheap – storing shoes the right way is SO important

AN INTERIOR designer has revealed eight reasons the inside of your home might look cheap. 

Kate shared that basic light fixtures and incorrectly storing your shoes can make your home look cluttered and tacky. 

Kate revealed that basic light fixtures and cluttered shoe racks can make the inside of your home look cheapTikTok/katekerdiinteriors

The interior designer, known online as @katekerdiinteriors, also suggested that matching furniture sets should be ditched. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “Eight reasons your home is looking cheap. 

“One, basic light fixtures. 

“Two, cluttered shoe racks. 

“Three, exposed cords.” 

The home design pro went on to stress the importance of picking the right furniture for your space and avoiding popular pieces of art. 

She added: “Four, matching furniture sets. 

“Five, wrong furniture placement. 

“Six, mass-produced artwork. 

“Seven, wrong rug size. 

“Eight, fake plants.” 

Fans loved her quick tips, with the video gaining more than 536,000 likes and 10.2 million views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their thoughts, however not all agreed with Kate’s ideas. 

One wrote: “I disagree with the matching furniture sets, with the right accessories they look stunning, where mixed pieces can sometimes look cluttered and cheap.”

“Leave my basic light fixture out of this ma’am! I’m afraid to change it myself,” someone else put: 

Another said: “Life is too short to worry about this. Please.”

Kate replied: “Life is too short not to make your house a place that feels like home and makes you happy every time you come back there.”

Although she’s not the only interior design pro stressing the importance of choosing the right-sized rug – Sophie took to TikTok to reveal that picking one that’s too small can make your space feel fragmented. 

She said: “We made one of the most common interior design mistakes when we first moved into our house and I’m only just rectifying it. 

“The rug in our living area was just too small. 

“It touched the corners of each sofa and had our coffee table on top, but it just wasn’t big enough for the space. 

“So we found this massive 300 x 400cm rug online for only £300 which was great, and it looks so much better.” 

Below the video, she added: “Make sure you don’t make the same mistake as us and get the bigger rug!! 

“A rug should always be bigger than all the furniture that sits upon it as otherwise, it will make the space look smaller and fragmented. 

“I love our new living area with this rug! I feel like it’s really helped to break up our open plan space and it feels much more cosy.”

Fans loved Sophie’s tip, with the video gaining more than 4,800 likes and 281,000 views.