I’m an expert mechanic with 20 years experience – here’s why your AC isn’t working… and the quickest way to fix it

AN EXPERT mechanic has revealed the quickest fixes to make sure your car’s air conditioning keeps working this summer.

The motoring guru known online as the “Car Wizard“, with two decades in the trade, has been thanked after sharing his top tips in a YouTube video which has gone viral.

YouTube/Car WizardThe “Car Wizard” expert mechanic has been explaining how to keep air-con working[/caption]

He has reached out to drivers on how to tackle any air-con problems themselves rather than going for expensive repairs elsewhere – with a step-by-step “process of elimination” to find out what’s wrong.

The online video shows the United States-based mechanic going to work on a Honda at his garage in Newton, Kansas – but he says the tips can be applied to many models.

The first thing he advises is turning on the ignition while looking for where the AC compressor in the car is – whether by consulting your motor’s manual or by doing a Google search.

He offers tips on how to check whether any internal wires are broken or burnt-out.

And he also urges a simple tactic: “Find your AC compressor – and manually turn the nose of it.”

Fixing or replacing a “locked-up compressor” is the most likely way to repair misfiring AC rather than paying up to £1,700 for a whole new system, he tells viewers.

He also recommends how to find out whether there is enough refrigerant in the system – with low levels suggesting there must be a leak somewhere.

He says to any drivers finding their AC wavers between cool and warm as they motor along: “That’s a sign that it’s just a little bit low – just enough to start triggering the pressure switch.”

The “Car Wizard” begins his 18-minute video – which also features his wife, “Mrs Wizard” – by telling viewers: “The weather’s getting kind of warm out there.

“You’re cruising along in your car and the AC goes warm.

“Before you take it to a shop, here’s what could be wrong with the AC system.”

Other potential problems could be a blown fuse, he says.

His video has received more than 25,000 YouTube “likes” and been watched almost 1.3million times.

Among the responses are “Thanks for unravelling the mystery about these systems and what has to be done to fix it right” and “This was a very clear and easy to understand video”.

Another commenter said, “I really do appreciate the free education you’re giving out to us”.

And the “Car Wizard” was also told: “AC is complicated and expensive so I appreciate the tips in this video – it might save you a ton of money.”

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There have also been tips on how to keep your car’s air-con running ice cold for free.

Brits tempted to turn on AC units overnight within the home during this summer’s warm weather have been given guidance on how much it could cost.

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And a car cleaning whizz revealed a 29p Tesco hack that will make your car smell fresh in seconds.

YouTube/Car WizardHis 18-minute YouTube video explainer has been praised by motorists[/caption]

YouTube/Car WizardIt includes a step-by-step guide to checking your car’s internal workings[/caption]

YouTube/Car WizardHe says owners can tackle problems themselves rather than face expensive repairs[/caption]

YouTube/Car WizardViral videos by the “Car Wizard” often co-star his wife – known as “Mrs Wizard”[/caption]