I’m an ex-teen bodybuilding champion – I was a finely tuned machine but here’s why I’ll never compete again

A FORMER teen bodybuilder who won three championships has insisted she will never compete again.

Bettina Grimaud, from Melbourne, Australia, put herself through 14 months of intense training in a bid to scoop the trio of titles.

Bettina Grimaud, centre, ditched bodybuilding after winning three titlesThe college student trained for 14 months before competing

But after completing her ambition, Bettina has decided to pull the plug on any future competitions as bodybuilding has taken a toll on her mind and body.

She said she was on a diet “full time” and has not been able to enjoy family dinners.

At times, Bettina said she was even unable to sleep as she was so hungry.

The college student also said the bodybuilding lifestyle cost her many friendships as well as her relationship.

Bettina told Daily Mail Australia: “It’s more than being able to hit the gym every day and living a healthy lifestyle.

“It is not healthy. I’m not going to lie about it.

“I have made many sacrifices to be able to do the best I could do.

“My social life has completely gone out the window because something like this really shows you who’s there for you.”

After spending 14 months fine-tuning her body, Bettina scooped three titles – the Rising Star Bikini Model, Under 23s Rookie Bikini champion, and Rookie Bikini Open.

Despite giving up bodybuilding, Bettina said it has made her stronger as a person – both physically and mentally.

She added: “It has given me a lot of resilience.

“It’s not a sport for the light-hearted, but it has tested my limits and I feel more alive and empowered than ever.

“It’s taught me some life lessons in terms of discipline and commitment and having that tunnel vision and knowing what you want and marking the non-negotiables every day to get there.”

Bettina said she will now focus on her college studies in psychology and neuroscience.

She added: “I’ve won all three of my divisions and I think it’s a good way to start something and finish it.”

Meanwhile, a professional bodybuilder ditched the sport when alarming bodily changes left her feeling out of control.

Lauren Iricks said bodybuilding damaged her heart and she had difficulty breathing after being pressured to take “fat burner” pills.

Bettina will now focus on her college work